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We do not invest time or money in ideas, we invest in talented people moved by the passion for what they do and willing to transform the industry 

We select the best Latin American startups possessing a triple impact business model and dreaming of revolutionizing the agrifood world by providing disruptive solutions

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Why are we good at what we do?

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Why Invest?

Impact Investments

As a certified B Corp, we carry sustainability in our DNA. We include a sustainability clause in all our investments.


Each investment decision is addressed by an expert team of professionals in the fields of Agribusiness, Food, Technology and Science.


LatAm represents a tremendous investment opportunity in AgriFoodTech with already 4 unicorns and an investment rate growth of 35% YoY.


The agrifood sector is ready for it. The upsurge of new technologies, the changes in consumption habits as well as the growth in investments are paving the way for disruption.

What differentiates us

Latin America

Our location in one of the leading food producing regions in the world allows us to understand the business better than anyone. The companies that make up our portfolio are the best example


Our track record in AgriFoodTech investments and our expertise and reliance on a brilliant investment committee set the foundation of our investment thesis.

Addresing Climate Change

Our focus on sustainable investments in startups covering the whole supply chain invites our investors to take action and be part of the change the world needs.

We don't miss a beat

We keep up to date with the latest cutting-edge verticals in which to invest; such as carbon management, climate tech, water management and food waste startups among others.