The call is aimed at Agri Food industry startups in Early Stage (Pre-seed, Seed, and Pre-Series A) phases, with a validated MVP and a team of founders committed full time.

Yes. The call is aimed at startups from all around the world, with a particular focus on Latin America and the United States.

There are no specific requirements in this case. When we refer to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), it can be a product or service that is testable.

We’re still interested in getting to know you! If you’re not yet at the stage of being accelerated, we’d like you to be part of the Glocal network so you can stay informed about our activities, workshops, and events while you prepare to grow your company.


The GLOCAL team will conduct a standard due diligence process for applicants, where the following criteria will be evaluated: team, impact, scalability, business model, and degree of innovation. The team will reach out to the applicant in case there are any questions about the business and will provide formal feedback on the selection of finalists two weeks before the Final Pitch Day.

Please submit an application via our Application Form. It is important that you complete all the requested information as it will help us better understand the business and expectations as a team. You don’t need to answer the questions in English; you can answer in Spanish.


While it’s not a mandatory condition, 80% of our portfolio has applied to our call and participated in our Acceleration Program. Our call is a powerful tool that allows us to fully understand the business while simultaneously adding value to the startup.

Our investment tickets range from $ 100K to $ 500K.

So, ready to apply?

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