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About Us

GLOCAL is the Latin American AgriFoodTech innovation platform that accelerates, invests and works with entrepreneurs, investors and corporations to better the future of food and agriculture.
We are the first AgriFoodTech acceleration fund to be certified as a B Corp worldwide.

Our purpose is to scales the growth of agtech, foodtech & climatech companies that are developing cutting-edge technology to make the agriculture-food supply chain more efficient, secure and sustainable.

On our way to sustainability, we defined an impact strategy which prioritizes investments that contribute to meet the greatest challenges the world is facing nowadays.  

GLOCAL Game changers

Position and scale your startup through our GLOCAL Game Changers, the best acceleration and investment program for AgriFoodTech startups in LatAm. We provide a tailor-made program and the tools, network and knowledge about the market to help scale your company.

Open Innovation

We accelerate the global adoption of technology through synergies between companies and the most disruptive startups of the sector. We put technology and innovation at the service of your company so as to generate a greater positive impact.

Impact Investing

We select the best Latin American startups possessing a triple impact business model and dreaming of revolutionizing the agrifood world by providing disruptive solutions. We accompany startups in their transformation into successful companies.

GLOCAL Game Changers

We are looking for the best agrifoodtech and climatech startups in early stages that want to scale their company and position themselves in the market.



Our experience and track-record in the industry back us when making investment decisions. Our team’s know-how and expertise about each link of the agri-food chain allow us to follow your startup growth and scalability.



We also rely on a large network fully immersed in the agri-food ecosystem and willing to add value and establish business relationships.

Triple impact

Triple impact

As the first AgriFoodTech Certified B Corp worldwide, our vision and commitment to feed the world in a sustainable way positions us as creators of impact business models aiming at bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to the future of the AgriFood world.

Highlights Season 2023

Participating countries
Agrifoodtech startups applied to our call
200 +
Startups and companies matches
50 +
Accelerated startups

Open Innovation

We accelerate the global adoption of technology through synergies between companies and the most disruptive startups of the sector. We put technology and innovation at the service of your company so as to generate a greater positive impact.

Technology Adoption

Technology Adoption

We speed up the process of incorporating technological innovation by merging internal knowledge with knowledge from key players from the sector. We boost your business model and integrate creativity to each of the stages of the process and we guide your company in adopting the technology that best suits you.

Partnership with a valuable network from our GLOCAL Game Changers LatAm Series

Connect with our GLOCAL Game Changers Network

Enter the agrifood kitchen and get to taste the exclusive startups that make up our LatAm ecosystem. Dive into the latest agrifoodtech market trends and take part in business round tables. Meet early stage startups, get to test their technology, participate in pitch sessions and engage in the whole process.

Investment Strategy and Analysis

Investment Strategy and Analysis

Our thorough analysis process, as well as our extensive track record as an expert investment fund in the sector, backs us when recommending which startup to invest in.


The most innovative platform for the future disruptors of the food system

La pasión nos inspira

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We boldly commit to each of the startups we invest in. We are constantly seeking to foster their growth by providing them with the expertise of our team, partners network, mentors and early adopters within the framework of a specially designed methodology.

Cohort acceleration program & customized sessions
We promote technology adoption
Triple Bottom Line Approach

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Bernardo Milesy


Hernán Castro


Ivo Sarjanovic


Luis T. De Arriba Hervás


Enrique Mallea

Venture Partner

Gerónimo Porta

Communication & Marketing

Eugenia Silvestrini


Victor Favaro


Florencia Solari


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